Public Build Update: Beta v0.0.3.16a

Game Build: Beta (73% 3_15) v0.0.3.16a

Saves are Compatible


  • Added the Market Day, comes every weekend, and removed rotating weekly merchants and contests for now
  • Reworked the lighting engine
  • Added quests telling you that the tutorial day is done and you can rest.
  • Added an always run toggle to the options menu. When in this mode Shift will bring you down to walk speed.
  • Added Fio X Evan HD scene
  • Added a small level scroll towards the bottom of the screen when you arrive at an area.
  • Added recruitment dialogue on day 5 for Jaero, Camellia, and Kreyton


  • Updated the player’s sprite model
  • Updated animation timing on walk cycles
  • Slight visual changes to the dialogue window


  • Minor dialogue window fixes
  • Minor weather fx fixes
  • Fixed drakeheart not being stackable
  • Fixed a z-sorting issue with the rundown farm.
  • Fixed Giev not expanding the farm
  • Fixed being able to open the options menu and interact with NPCs during a level scroll.
  • Fixed not getting quests after dialogue in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the texture swap shader
  • Fixed Evan X Female Centaur not setting itself to use the palette shader
  • Fixed a quest trying to complete the wrong quest
  • Potentially fixed not being able to expand the farm.

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How does the map in the boarding station work? The map comes up, but then clicking on any of the icons doesn't seem to do anything.

Or does it not actually do anything right now?