Public Build Update: Beta v0.0.3.16a

Game Build: Beta (73% 3_15) v0.0.3.16a

Saves are Compatible


  • Added the Market Day, comes every weekend, and removed rotating weekly merchants and contests for now
  • Reworked the lighting engine
  • Added quests telling you that the tutorial day is done and you can rest.
  • Added an always run toggle to the options menu. When in this mode Shift will bring you down to walk speed.
  • Added Fio X Evan HD scene
  • Added a small level scroll towards the bottom of the screen when you arrive at an area.
  • Added recruitment dialogue on day 5 for Jaero, Camellia, and Kreyton


  • Updated the player’s sprite model
  • Updated animation timing on walk cycles
  • Slight visual changes to the dialogue window


  • Minor dialogue window fixes
  • Minor weather fx fixes
  • Fixed drakeheart not being stackable
  • Fixed a z-sorting issue with the rundown farm.
  • Fixed Giev not expanding the farm
  • Fixed being able to open the options menu and interact with NPCs during a level scroll.
  • Fixed not getting quests after dialogue in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the texture swap shader
  • Fixed Evan X Female Centaur not setting itself to use the palette shader
  • Fixed a quest trying to complete the wrong quest
  • Potentially fixed not being able to expand the farm.

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